"Randimus is the best all around guy I've hever had the pleasure of knowing" - Jennifer Love Hewitt..note this quote might not be entirely accurate."

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Welcome to Scribe's tome of knowledge! In these pages you will find the easiest C tutorials, nuggets of wisdom, scientific resources for taking over the world and other bland pleasantries

Who is Randimus?

A+/network+ certificate havin, Certified Novell Administrator degree holdin, 2 year degree PC/LAN Technician degree sporting, C programming, html writing, sys admin job needin, bookwormin, math problem solving, trigonometry machine!!!!! THATS WHO! For all those who are interested my official email is randimus@att.net
Because of the plethora of emails I get from DC-Stuff, ISN, and other lists, don't expect too fast of a response from email.

I hate HTML. This entire site was done with nothing but html and quite frankly it makes me wanna puke. Writing C and C++ is my thing, html isn't even really writing code. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. From now on I will focus my energies on C, C++, cryptography, and math. Boo to hardware too! Boo to everything!!!

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