Me and Menetta and some other dude. Jman and his wacky graphic manipulation tools.


Enigma Pictures. I'll put more up later.
Enigma 1
Enigma 2


Look at me reaching out for knowledge!
Standing with my best books!
smiling....sort of
Enjoyin some rare washington sun
In front of the last phone booth on campus.
My word I need to lose weight
Would you buy a used car from me?
Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful.
My long lost TCP/IP book! I have found it!
HA! I crashed the netware server! Whatdaya gonna do about it!
Look into my eye and fear my wrath!
I am shocked and dismayed!
With one of my mentors.
Muhahaha, I will eat all your M&M's!
See I told you!
Aren't I a pretty boy?
Don't Ask, cuz I'm not really sure why.

JW Friends

She came from Alabama with a banjo in her knee, ready to video chat with taz on a moment's notice, able to leap mud puddles in a single bound, she's supersmooth, she's superbama!
Katy's baby pic
goo goo coo choo!
another baby pic
a boo boo coo abby dooby

Russ...picture yet to be added. A fellow computer nerd from Ireland. Download me Java beans laddie!

Loobster and Amber(dolphin)
He's britain's answer to Bill Gates, he's the Loobster. Network administrator from the UK. His wife is Princess's sister. Amber is from Ohio. In her spare time she's making tea, saving the world, and keeping Loobster in line. What a woman!
Another pic
And another
And another
And another

Roselady and her daughter Amber
They wrestle crocidiles in their spare time, thats what they do in the land down under.
Their family

Cool girl from Louisiana. By day she is a mild mannered encyclopedia salesman, by night she is known as the phantom avenger, fighting off computer viruses with her superhuman powers. err..sorry

Princess is the one on the right. (not in the wedding dress).I met andrea a while back ago and she's one of my best friends now. Try to guess how old she is and email me back with your guess.
Another Pic of andrea
Young Princess
another princess picture
One with someone I don't know
One with a whole bunch of people I don't know
Princess and her parents
Princess with don giolitto at a convention.
Hanging with some kid
A webcam shot
One of my favorite pics
School Pic

SuperSmooth, SuperSultry, she's the CeeStye. SoCAL never had it so good. She's an IRC op from South Central LA.
Cee with her baby pic

Jaydee and his sister
Fellow Jedi knight and prospective darkside inductee.

Cowboy dude. Warning sisters: He's single and he's on the prowl.

Fellow computer nerd. NERDS RULE!!!!!
Another picture of law
and another
and another

Bible Trivia playing assasin. He's the man. He's the Great Giolitto!!!!.
Momma Giolitto and her baby boy
The Don's Father and Mother

Awesome sister from my home state of WA. She's a library assistant for KCLS.

Channel op on IRC. Cool peoples.
With her husband N8

Awesome girl from california. Going to pioneer soon.

Kristin and her mom
K4jah and her mom. Krisitn is this cool girl I met who lives down in California.
Another krisitn shot
New york girl. Cool peoples
another one of zee
and another
Watch out she's driving.

Syntche (I hope I'm spelling it right)
This girl down in florida. Awesome person, eventhough she uses webtv.

Oz is this guy down in Australia. When he's not rasing his family he's off defending his people from the evil kangagroos bent on world domination. "Let's throw another shrimp on the barbie" errr....once again I'm sorry.

Danny's this british dude who knows his computer stuff. In his spare time he likes to count in binary because it impresses da ladiez. He's also a fellow computer scientist and a FINELY TUNED ATHLETIC MACHINE (he told me to say that)!!!!!! He has a dymanic personality (once again he told me to say it) hehhehehehe

Colby's from South Dakota. She's awsome!!!! Her last name is....and I kid you not, Little White Man. COOL!!!!

Kyle's this lady from Indiana who knows her horses! She's one of the kindest people in the world and can give Cee a run for her money in the "sweetest person I know" category.

Jessika and her cat
Jesika is also from Australia, and she's also a burned out student like myslef.

Matt is my personal pilot. When he's not flying me to my private island in the Carribean, he's being a musician, a scholar, and an all around magnificent guy.

Mandy is this girl who ROCKS! When she's not fulfilling her duties as a supermodel she's hanging out on IRC
Mandy..the saga begins
Mandy 2, the revenge.
Mandy 3, This time its personal...

Darrel, fellow nerd and music enthusiast. Able to leap tall park benches in a single bound he harnesses his nerdly powers for the benefit of mandkind.
Here he is in his super costume.

Chuck is an IRC op form Virginia. When he's not displaying his mad Object Oriented Programming skillz, he's fighting alongside Darrel to help rid the world of the evil that plagues our world. HEAR ME YOU DIABOLICAL CRIMINALS, YOUR DOWNFALL IS AT HAND!!!!

Silke (Tiklis)
Das German Froiline. IRC Op YAH.

School Stuff

Matt Growing grass on his je-27
Who farted?
I demand to know who farted!!!
Check out Terry's Hat
Come back here with my wallet!!!
Bobby talking to some girl
People 2...the saga continues

Computers and Technology

Novell Netware Servers...YUMMY
Another Novell Server
Another Novell Server...Do you think I'm obsessed?
Telephone tech, working on legacy phone system.
Legacy Phone System
Another Phone Shot
Oh beautiful wires
My workstation, where they pay me my slave wages