Just thinking....

"Cogito, ergo sum I think therefore I am" - Rene Descartes
I remember when I was a kid there were a lot of things that I associated with security. When I say security I don't mean like in the financial or safety sense. All human beings have things that they count upon to make sense of the world they live in. We wake up in the morning, expect a certian routine, go through the motions of living and all will be okay. You expect your breakfast cereal, your cable tv, a steady job, and friends to hang with. These things provide us with a form of security, stability in an otherwise unstable world.

There's nothing wrong with living in such a state. However the problem with this is that things can go from order to chaos overnight. Jobs dry up, food gets scarce, friends leave you, cable tv sucks because theirs nothing on...etc.

It seems like all things are like this in the world we live in. We reach out for these things that we think will give us happiness, and find that they are hollow and untangible. So where does that leave us sad pathetic humans? Are we doomed to live a life of chaos and uncertaintly?

In short...yes. No one is promised tommorow. No happiness we experience today is guaranteed to last.

So whats my point?? Live for the day. Enjoy every moment of your life. Take every moment to be at peace with God. If your a family man, take pleasure in your wife and kids. Eat every meal, drink every drink, as if it were your last. Friends come and go, enjoy them while they're here..remember them when they are gone. Read books, learn, suck in all the knowledge you can. You'll find that the things you know will last longer than any money in your bank account. Anyways, thats my 2 cents. - Randy Nixon